Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All My Buddies

Two weekends ago my brother and sister-in-law needed a babysitter for the night so they could meet up with some friends. A.J. and I were home that weekend and we said we would love to help out! (we love watching those kids!) So we hand some fun with my nephews. They showed us how to play some games on the WII. It is amazing how well these two 4 year olds can play. They beat us every time!

My youngest nephew, Kaden, we in his bed when we got there and we just had to see him, so we got him up to play! As soon as I said the name A.J. he got really excited and started dancing and yelling "A.J. A.J. A.J. A.J." over and over. He followed A.J. around alllll night. He would be sad when he left the room and sit on his lap any chance he could. It was sooooo cute. Just too cute!

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