Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am Back!

Hello! I am back! After a few months of settling into my new dorm room at college I am back at it again blogging and promoting my etsy site! I have a few pictures! The first one is of my nieces and me. They got baptized this summer through our church. I was so proud of them! They did wonderful! Also, I have a picture of my nephews. This is a great picture because I got them all to look at the camera! Also this summer I took a trip to New York! With my aunts and cousins! We had so much fun. I was able to see so much. We went and ate lunch in Central Park, I saw Legally Blonde on Broadway, we saw the statue of liberty, went to a Yankees game and we stayed right in Time Square! I think that is it for now. Halloween is coming up so I will have more pictures from my Huckleberry Railroad visit and my Cedar Point family trip!