Friday, February 27, 2009

As Clean as it Gets

I just got back home for Spring Break!!! Ya! 11 days at home with my family. Last night I have no idea what came over me...all I wanted to do was clean. So I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I sorted out all my drawers and shelves. I set up my new sticker holder I got for Christmas. It is AWESOME! I love it! (thanks mom and dad!) It's just so much easier to create when everything around you is clean and where it is supposed to be. Now who knows how long this will last...I like to consider myself an organized and clean person. If you asked my family sometimes it gets out of hand but when my juices are flowing that is a whole different story. But it sure feels nice to have a clean and tidy working space!

On a different note...
I am headed over to my Grandparents tomorrow. I really would like to work a few new frames and get some of those listed. It has been kinda tough taking pictures and getting them listed but I really would like to get some of those up on my etsy site. So make sure you stick around, Ill have some frames up in no time!

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moddyboy80 said...

A clean workspace? What's that?!
I am so jealous. My workspace is a table in the corner with a pile on it.