Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family Pictures!

I am sure you would all love to see some pictures! I have a TON of them!

First is a picture of my Dad, my two aunts and uncle. Then there is a picture of me and my bestest friend, Tobey! [yes I know his name is spelled "wrong" but that is how I like it!] Then there is my girly cousins! Aren't we just gorgeous! Next is my cousin who also is big Marine! I sure miss the heck out of him!!! Then there is a picture of my family in Florida. We went down and took a fan boat ride in the Everglades. The fan boat looked just like the one in Waterboy! Next is a picture of my youngest nephew! He is always soooo happy! Then we have my brothers, my two nieces, and my nephew having fun after visiting the mall. Last but not lest is my twin nephews having fun at the fireworks for 4th of July! I love my family!

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